I am passionate about protecting, enhancing, and establishing long term successful and sustainable landscapes. I aspire to be part of an industry that can improve the public's relationship with the environment. My strength lies in my approach and ability to think creatively, recognising potential and possibilities that each landscape already possesses and can be re-imagined from. I believe strongly in spaces that aren’t overprogrammed, and most importantly, provide opportunity. This online exhibition showcases my latest studio project from the &rchitecture atelier.

It is a journey of the hidden, the revealing, and the reclaiming of Burnley’s River. Burnley is a town that has been shaped by many things, but the dominant forces of capitalism and industrialisation have seen it unwittingly turn its back on the natural capital it holds. The river Brun and Calder confluence should be a cause for celebration within the town. Instead, the waterways are suppressed into channels, shipping their contents swiftly and covertly away from the town. However, there is an alternative, one where the river is key to a sustainable and resilient future for Burnley and its citizens. Through this simple idea, the ANDPLAN was born. 

The ANDPLAN recognises the potential the rivers have in Burnley. The film explores natural capital and alternative futures in Burnley. The Manifesto sets out to reclaim the hidden territories. The design aims to reveal the Brun River and connect the natural capital of the landscape with the town. However, the journey is not finished here. Burnley’s community have an opportunity to TAKE BACK THE LAND, to BACK THE FOREST, to BACK THE RIVER, and to BACK THE MARKET. They can reclaim a relationship with the hidden territories, the landscape, and its natural value. A value that has biodiversity, resilience, sustainable futures, economic capital, and people at its heart.