The Origins - Medlock - ‘The Meadow River’

Reviving Medlock where it has been mainly ignored and enslaved by inconsiderate behaviours in the past, thus ‘awakening the underlying potential’ of the river moreover contemplating the artist's philosophies as well.

A conscious approach to remove the Red Accrington brick channel which signifies totalitarianism in the ‘Philips Park’.

Eliminating the red channel to regain natural morphology and ‘healing the gut’ of the Medlock by developing a healthy hyporheic region and riparian zone along the stream bed furthermore enriching biodiversity.

Introducing further elements of ‘landscape alchemy’ and comprehensive abstractions which will ameliorate the Philips Park in its entirety.

Perhaps when freedom arrives, time will cease. In the end, ‘a dialogue in perpetuity’ with the park will exist, ever and ever, untarnished.