In respect to our ateliers focus on networks, the site, Cleethorpes was lacking networks within the town. A railway blocking the seafront from the town was the biggest disconnection between the land and sea. Being a seafront town and not being able to engage with it was disappointing. Working with the main reason of disconnection, the railway, was the focus for me. My initial aim was to Reconnect the land to the sea with engaging the people in it.  

Creating a canal to attract visitors and create a space for people to engage in activities on water was the initial idea. The canal would create its own island and the attractions on the island would bring back the historic fishing industry of Cleethorpes with a seafood restaurant situated on the island. The restaurant would be provided through the canal where the fresh fishes will arrive. The restaurant would also house an urban farm to produce its own vegetables, herbs etc. This local production would not only attract visitors but also the local community and economy.  As the railway disappears the restaurant on the island acts as a reconnection point from land to sea, while visitors can have a first-hand experience in the connection and the whole experience of fresh dishes arriving then being prepared. The restaurant, urban farming and fishing creates its own circular economy on the island while Reconnecting Land to Se as well as engaging people back to the nature that they were disconnected from.