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Monument of Future 

Stone-masonry Heritage Centre in Accrington, England 

The stone-masonry centre is a school, gallery and cultural centre that honours the local heritage of stone - the building blocks of Accrington town. Earliest settlements trace back to 12th century AD, stone had been the primary building material due to the rich sandstone bed surrounding the town. At present days, majority of the townscape consists of stone buildings, and some constructed by pre-industrial methods still remains. 

However, due to neglection, they are widely in declining conditions. The centre aims to teach the skills of a traditional stonemason, on not only construction but also buildings ornaments, fine arts, and sculptures, that will train skilled workers and ultimately goes back to the locality with all of the skills and crafts populated across the whole town. The goal is to make Accrington known for its stone craftsmanship across the country. 

It provides the locals with a venue for social gathering, inviting people to join free communal stone carving/chiselling experiences. Furthermore, being a cultural centre that includes a gallery, exhibition hall, auditorium, library, working space, and an open roof garden for local communities or tourists to visit and enjoy. The building also has an accessible panoramic viewing platform at the top most of the building, offering views of Accrington’s skyline and the natural beauty of the hills that surround the town.