The Mayfield area is a declining industrial area with a decreasing connection to its citizens. Play therapy is an effective treatment for mental illness, with variations, and can be used as an urban regeneration strategy for this area. The act of play is an important tool for socio-emotional skills and human perception. This feature of play makes it important in the development of problem-solving skills in primates, as well as in the whole range of higher-order cognitive and socio-emotional skills that humans develop.

Allowing citizens to interact with the Mayfield area through the act of play in order to increase their interest in the area leads to regeneration. Morphing play activities into part of everyday activities as a way of embedding play into the life of the Mayfield area guides their behavior through design and allows them to complete their original behavior in a playful manner. Many points of playful behavior are connected and the act of joy is spread to complete the activation of the Mayfield area.