Given the social and cultural decline of Cleethorpes, it has become less attractive for the younger generation to live and work in the area. Leisure spaces targeting this social group make a place desirable to live in and increase investors’ interest in the area, hence improving the local economy. Therefore, the project aims to attract young people from around the country, who might help draw more attention to Cleethorpes as a fantastic leisure experience.

By engaging the local community through culture, artwork created by artists from Cleethorpes, the town strengthens it connection with its heritage while also improving economically. At the same time, it reminds people of something many have forgotten - the fact that the art, the nature and the human being are inextricably linked. There is a reason why so many artists have been amazed by the mirage of the sea for so long. However, nowadays people seem to get more and more distant from it. I think it is beautiful to see how water can mould a piece of art, like a sculpture, and attract people from everywhere around to come take part in this experience of walking towards and into the sea, attracted by art.

The indoor gallery connects into the pier, leading to a restaurant where one can enjoy the views spending some quality leisure time. In this way, the pier becomes a symbol of the fusion between Cleethorpes and the sea, representing such a beautiful opportunity for a unique getaway.