The Observatory ‘A Place for All’

Located near Mayfield, The Observatory project aims to reconnect this area to the city. For a long time, Mayfield has been Manchester's wasteland discouraging the passers-by from stopping and exploring its wonders. Through the new redevelopment and the reconnection of the River Medlock, the area will be returned to the city and will become a place for the community to gather and rediscover the neglected spaces.

While the site had already existing wild nature and a fragment of the river, The Observatory’s goal was only to enhance it and open it up for people to enjoy. Interviewing locals gave me the knowledge of the different animals living in Mayfield without being able to find refuge. Therefore, the project proposes a wild space for them to thrive in subsequently encouraging wildlife’s circulation through Mayfield. This way, the building in its physical form is not the main matter of concern anymore, as the state of change is created through these intangible connections and the enhanced biodiversity of the city.

The Observatory is essentially a community wellness centre that challenges the idea of vision being the primary sense in the contemporary world. The project allows the use of other senses to observe a variety of sounds, bodily sensations, emotions, art and nature. By observing the present moment people can reconnect with themselves and nature and in doing so, escape the rush of the city. By changing the way people view the world, The Observatory aims to heal the city and its people.