Nudge project represents the aim within the design to create behavioural changes without conscious decision making, allowing occupants to make healthier choices. Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges upon us all in so many ways and no one, including myself, can attempt to find solutions for them all. However, my proposal will strive to ‘nudge’ occupants back into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. My challenge is intended to help the students and staff adapt to the post-pandemic shift and realign equilibrium in their life. Encouraging better nutrition, creating access to wellbeing facilities, and promoting physical activity are the three major areas I feel need to be addressed first.  The design drivers previously stated will complement the challenge to create a new home for the Faculty of Health and Education; it will connect students, keep the occupants active, engage the students in both their studies and health, encourage giving back to the community and promoting productivity in their learning. The research I undertook throughout the project ultimately highlighted the optimal zones students require to engage, learn, and excel in their studies. This meant considering comfort, ventilation, circulation, sustainable energy systems and so forth, but most importantly utilises hidden systems within the design that nudge the occupants into making better choices. Therefore, it endeavours to create behavioural changes without notice or conscious decision making.