Within this project, I have tried to create a model space where fashion is seen through a feminist lens, including people of all disabilities and cultures and making women feel safe within their environment. At the feminist school of fashion and media, there are no mannequins, making the course of study around inclusivity of all human body shapes and sizes, diversity in minority communities from around the world and accurate representation of women’s bodies by de-objectification. The issue of sustainability within fashion production has been contemplated within my design by including a model factory that puts the needs of its workers and impacts on the environment before any other costs. The idea for this model factory stemmed from considering the environmental implications caused by the rag trade on the city of Manchester that has now accelerated into the fast fashion industry which is highly unsustainable, exploitative of its workers and wasteful of materials. A series of green spaces have been included along every floor in the project which helps to improve the air quality around the site, promoting good health and wellbeing of the wider community. The building form is designed to include walks for exhibition, photography etc that help the users engage fully with the social and built environment bringing about a sense of community within the public.

With this project my aim was to change the narrative and make fashion a celebretative representation of the female body, creating a space where people from all communities who support or are interested in intersectional feminism, fashion and media are welcome!