My final year project explores the journeys, moments and experiences of single parent families by creating a safe and inclusive community centre that can be enjoyed by all people from all backgrounds. The site is located next the Pankhurst Centre, the home of Emmeline Pankhurst who as a single mother founded the WSPU pushing forward the womens right to vote. Her story and that of many single parents around the world inspired me to create a place that could bring these people together into one building , from counselling sessions to self defense classes this project aims to improve the well being of users and ensure that both single fathers and mothers do not have go through their journey alone. 

Landscaping was a large aspect of my design with pockets of greenery such as allotments and reflection gardens dotted around the site to further encourage user well-being and promote sustainability. This theme was continued throughout my project with sustainable materiality and structure chosen to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building alongside multiple environmental  decisions which overall creates a net zero building. My project aims to generate a sense of comfort and serenity through its undulating geometry which is a key aspect of my design, this is carried on into the interior of the building where curved spaces promote calmness and most importantly - happiness.