Nature meets technology!

This year's CPUai project was about creating a building in the urban landscape of Manchester according to the themes of zero carbon and future growth/shrinkage. The main question that needed to be answered was how to design a building as sustainable as possible in such a dense urban landscape. The solution to this question gave my building proposal "Nature meets technology" which was about designing a green building. A green building that will act as a filter to the atmosphere by clearing the much polluted area of Manchester. As we had to work with a live client I took into consideration all those things that they needed and thus I created a building with two main areas. A school for students to learn all about nutrition and dietetics in a very technological, modern environment and a green cafe in which staff, students and visitors will be able to enjoy their hot meals. By using timber as the main material, I managed to create a sustainable yet modern building and with the addition of the green roofs the main scheme of the building was accomplished.