"Growth Sanctuary". There is a point in life, or for some people, during every day when they feel overwhelmed. This can lead to mental health disorders, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and so much more. However, the problem is not feeling overwhelmed, but not knowing how to cope with it. In this regards, this proposal is here to give hope that everything can be fine once again. 

The proposed building design will be a sensorial and experiential walk through a "community" of rooms that are self-sustained and all following a well thought out rhythm. It will be available to everyone and will offer a sanctuary when needed with facilities from sleeping pods to cooking classes, community gardens, immersive rooms, therapy pods and many more surprises. On top of that, the proposal aims to create a safe space, a rehabilitation sanctuary for people dealing with mental health and eating disorders where they can be guided through their first steps within their recovery. 

Nevertheless, this design is proposing for a slow buidling that people will be able to fully experience over a longer period of time while stimulating all their senses from touch to sight, smell, hearing and taste. 

Going with CPU's main themes, growth and shrinkage and zero carbon future, the design of the building is allowing for full flexibility when it comes to repurposing in the future. On top of that, the external structure allows for additional prefabricated rooms.