The Kowloon Walled City often called 'The City of Darkness' was once a piece of land, a fort, and a slum. This piece of fabric has been completely wiped off and replaced with a park, taking the bad along with the good. The thesis project investigates on how a contemporary built intervention in the current park responds to the buried history of the park. The project aims to rebuild the community by reintroducing a new park with foundational, belonging and recognition elements giving ownership of the land back to the people. The eccentric charm of the slums have been studied to unpick the unique characterics of the Walled City to bring back and harmonize with the existing fabric. 

“One can say that the city itself is the collective memory of its people, and like memory it is associated with objects and places. The city is the locus of the collective memory.” 

Aldo Rossi (1982)