Do you remember childhood?  Adults tell individual histories and memories connected to neighborhood place, cities architecture has been marking its mark on us. The project approached urban design by sufficiently consider children experience on third space to complete urban experience. 

The thesis stands for empowering children’s voice to be heard, ideas to be seen.  Valuable attempt was made to interact with children to propose open navigation in urban environment and support their right to city.  The 140+ children from different background “participated” in this research demonstrated positively in the discussion of involving children’s perspective in urbanism.

The mission established direct engagement with children to investigate neighborhood experience and revealed their straightforward approach to their version of child-friendly urban scenes, progressed to the drafting of neighborhood plan based on background research on how children experience and represent space.  The following images represesnt the investigation and design process of  “Urban Childhood LALALAND” shown in the final video . View the art-of book for more architectural drawings.

Chapter recap :
Do We See What Children See?
(NOT) Lalaland
Our Maps
Moving onto Lalaland