The project firstly explored strategies of filling in vacant spaces in three stages. 1. An examination of vacant spaces in the city of Bradford 2. Proposals for the use of pattern and densification 3. Infill strategy

The three chosen typologies, courtyard building, high density urban block and site surrounding contexts, are combined for filling in the void. It started off by creating an enclosed square in the middle of the site, and filling in the space within the periphery with irregular high density building and collages of surrounding contexts. Access are cut through the densified blocks to create routes to the square from the surrounding access. The densified streetscape and the composition of different urban elements on the previous void creates opportunities for an exciting journey through the space.

The result of the filling-in-voids experiment is implemented to the site in the Top of Town area of Bradford. The journey through a sequence of public and private space is used to explore design options of the site. The theories of mise-en-scène in cinematography has inspired the design of the routes and spaces, which is also responding to the well established film culture in Bradford.

Architecture is the interface in between the city and the view. The journey through the interfaces is an experience of memory and discovery. It is created by different compositions, enclosure and exposure of space. This journey through the desified streetscape has filled in the voids by connecting the public spaces, site surroundings and the dialogue between the interface.