The brief for my 3.2 project was to design a feminist archive with links to the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester and a personal and political influence. My response was to design an arts centre with a focus on performance as an archive, to share feminist stories with a diverse audience. The open and welcoming site aims to make an enjoyable and educational experience for the users of the space while providing a direct route to the Pankhurst Centre.

Throughout this project, I have enjoyed learning about feminism and architecture and believe that considering a feminist perspective has made a positive impact on my design work and has pushed me to challenge myself. Therefore, this is something I will aim to apply to my future work. I am also interested in working closely wth end users to create designs and solutions that will improve individual lives while also responding to other key factors such as the environmental impact. As I am interested in projects that will make a difference to people's lives, social housing is an area of design that appeals to me.