My praxxis archive is about the issue of gender inequality in climate change. Studies show that women around the world are more likely to be affected be the impact of climate change due to having different societal expectation and education, which means they often don’t have the same support as men to protect themselves. By creating an archive on the topic, I wanted to increase the awareness of the challenge’s women face around the world and often the issue is a bigger problem in less developed nations. Creating a space which equally discusses the viewpoints from all continents I hope that it would make the users understand the urgency of the issue of climate change as currently the impacts are more seen in places further away than Manchester. Giving the users the opportunity to experience and see how a place and the women who live there are affected it would give them a more personal experience. By showing the solutions being made to the climate crisis in each continent can then give hope to the users to inspire them to help the issue. The addition of biodiversity garden domes helps to show how the environment is also affected by climate change. The use of two climate domes, Mediterranean and Tropical means that a wider variety of endangered plant species can be included.

When designing the archive, it was important to choose the materiality carefully to make it as sustainable as I could. The use of a glulam frame gives a natural aesthetic feel to the spaces whilst being structurally supportive to allow for large open gallery spaces. Hempcrete was an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete which is carbon negative.