The Fighting Cranes 

The Fighting Cranes is a structure that provides for an unlimited range of activities from performances, concerts, exhibitions to zip wires, viewing platforms, and sky swings. The design is a combination of two reused coal mine cranes that will contribute to its construction, and consequently for the provision of any necessary and adaptable services and programmes occurring on the site. Located at either side of the motorway, the project conceives a flexible building that allows adaptability for change, supplying not only for above but on and below the Mancunian Way. It is intended to activate the site by the introduction of diverse programmes held in the venues which can be changed on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, and fluctuate its capacity to accommodate from small to large events. The Fighting Crane's main principle is to comply with the ever-changing world, and therefore, disassemble once acted and completed its purpose on the area (Mancunian Way), and reassemble on a new location. Therefore constantly re-adapting and providing change.