The path of Pomona.

Exploring the island from an elevated view, the path enables individuals to experience a journey which celebrates the beauty of Pomona island. The abandoned island is located in Manchester, hidden from many but has a distinct elegancy which can be explored. There are six points along the path which all define and alter movement within the space. The journey continues throughout the entirety of the island, each point is connected to another creating the path itself. Along with this journey, visitors will create an individual connection to Pomona and understand the changing layers of the island.

This path is accessible to all, it has two access points on either side which connects the island to the Salford and Trafford districts. Acting as a key connection route it offers a new journey for individuals to experience and encourages interaction with others. Along this route, the path becomes a two-storey space which offers individuals space for a short break. The building includes a sushi bar which overlooks the island and water as well as a capsule hotel for those wishing to have a longer stay.

The path is made up of corten steel which contrasts the overgrowing greenery on the island, the steel is exposed and untouched which reflects the current identity of Pomona to this date. Enhancing the island through this journey, the path highlights and expresses the natural state of Pomona.