The Memory Bank 


Can we use the personal stories and experiences of refugees to allow a greater and more personal connection between us and those affected?

Can we begin to understand the complexities of displacement and the refugee crisis whilst also reflecting on our own lives?


Throughout my thesis year I focused on the social issues that surround refugees and the displacement crisis. Refugees were interviewed throughout the year; culminating in the creation of the memory bank. The bank is a chain of animated memories which allows you to make your own choices on which memory you want to view and therefore which journey to take, through the eyes of a refugee. The memory bank starts with life pre crisis and allows the viewer to walk through various memories, through the crisis and beyond. The bank blends fiction and reality but overall aims to capture the very essence of each memory, through the use of interactive and immersive animation. The bank has the potential to grow in future as even more memories are collected.

The project features a website, instagram and video memory bank under the handle 'Humans of Displacement' which are all continually linked. These 3 aspects gathered a following and raised awareness; deepened disscussion (whilst acting as a platform for discussion); and created an affective and emotional response from the viewer, enhancing the personal connection between them and those affected.


View the memory bank in the video below:  

As the video plays automatically, please use the menu in the top left corner to return to the foyer (opening scene) if you are not already there. You can use this menu at any point during the video to navigate. Please click when you are presented with a choice. Be aware of the timer when making your choices.

(Please full screen and unmute)