Playground mental health clinic- Disability socially constructed by social media.  

My architectural project is approached in a way that combines both speculative architecture and the artist/ activism which engages in one of the challenges of today’s society; crisis in mental health from the lack of detachment in social media. Social media is becoming another tool or a space that allows us to express, exchange and learn from others. However, we often forget the dark side of the use in media and our society neglects the ones who are suffering from mental illness, as this is not a visible to others.  Based on my personal experience and the origin of my identity, this project positions in the urban settings in South Korea where mental healthcare is positioned far from the centre which treats people in an inhumane institutional method.  Within a particular site in South Korea “ Samsungdong” , different physical interventions are crafted and expressed using different activities that help the community’s mental health. Before the use of each interventions, the technology delivers mental healthcare through mixed mediums from VR experience for a unique treatment. These VR spaces are based on the metaphysical space that unravels each of the theme that matches with the physical interventions. The mixture of the two balances the Virtual space and the reality but also raises awareness about mental illnesses in South Korea.

This will strengthen the existing community in “Samsungdong” and its neighbourhood which the project expresses how both physical architecture and VR treatment could play an important role in its future mental well-being