Self-sufficient: Energy Production Social Housing Scheme

My focus in &rchitecture atelier during this year has been about enhancing a self-sufficient housing system in my social housing project in Whithington, Manchester to lower carbon footprint thus help to sustain and preserve the environment for our future generations. To achieve this, my housing scheme focus on incorporating renewable energy and food production system while also improving the connections intra-community via sub-cluster community concept.

To realise this vision, I proposed a design where each sub-cluster community consist of 8 housing units each has a central wind production tower at their central shared courtyard. The area on the shared central courtyard is utilised for the food production system ( seasonal garden and greenhouse), solar panels and also a mini half basketball court. This area with diversity functions will help in achieving the self-sufficient housing system while at the same time improving the interactions between the community. 

To heighten the experience of the users and improving the aesthetical value of the central wind tower, it is then combined with a timber tower where it is connected with the surrounding housing units and can be accessed by the tenants.