My final year project is focusing on preserving and conserving the mother nature on the rich land of Pomona Island in Stretford. The land has become a wasteland after years of abandonment, however, the wildlife (especially birds) has thrived their living there. I've decided to revive the island by creating a Wetland on the north side of the island and have a visitor centre separated from the land of the Wetland on the south side. This ensures that the creatures at the Wetland won't be disturbed. It could also be an amazing source of economy, where the Wetland will be open to visitors, with control.

The Visitor Centre is designed to enhance the beauty of the Wetland, where the visitors could educate themselves beforehand. They could also experience a spectacular panoramic view of the Wetland through the viewing platform of the building before indulging themselves into the richness of nature.

The main material of the building is timber, which extracted from sustainable-driven forests - where they specifically plant trees for building materials. This helped in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases the amount of oxygen. This process happens during the duration when the trees are still growing and waiting to mature. 

As for methodologies to communicate my ideas, I use the usual pen and pencils to do sketches in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional diagrams and drawings. I added some colours by using mixed media of acrylic, watercolour and colour pencils in order to visualise the atmosphere of certain scenery. However, in order to understand the scale and spaces, I find it easier to make sketch models out of chipboards. My final stage of designing is transferring the final proposal into software such as Revit and Sketchup to get crisp drawings of the final GAs and perspectives.