The atelier &rchitecture explores how residential design can support the creation of diverse neighbourhoods through celebrating difference. My scheme proposes that we are better together – this is encouraged through co-operative principles and the promotion of social connections through outdoor spaces.

Analysis of the historical context influenced the proposal’s arrangement - the previous layout is restored to provide two primary routes, and the cinema that once sat adjacent to the site is brought back as a volunteer-led initiative.

Full pedestrianisation and interventions on Wilmslow Road and Copson Street allow for more site exposure, inviting the wider community to circulate through and experience the central public square and the proposed extension of the surrounding retail streets.

Each household is presented with the opportunity to grow produce for use in the communal restaurant, with organic waste contributing to shared composting facilities on the building’s roof terrace - this food production cycle supports the idea of food bringing people of all backgrounds together, and further prompts connection between residents and the surrounding community.

The design of the housing utilises technology to encourage growth of both food and family units - modular construction is used for the detached housing to allow for choice in layouts according to varying needs, and the flats have terraces with living walls incorporated into the facades, supporting vertical vegetation growth.

Semi-private shared gardens connect the existing detached housing to the new properties, and all buildings have immediate access to the outdoors through terraces and green roofs. This generous presence of green space provides a healthier surrounding environment for residents, both through air purification and improvements in wellbeing due to increased social interaction.