PRAXXIS: Housing &...

Our goal with this project was to create three different housing types with an element of 'and' based on the community of Old Trafford's needs and the principles of intersectional feminism. Biophillic design and connections through outdoor spaces are a constant theme throughout the entire programme, and their roles in imporving mental health and creating a community. 

For the first housing type, I chose to create a series of townhouses. This is a two bedroom structure, for those seeking the privacy of a house, while still benefiting from the community created within the site. When observing the house in section you can see the key design decision to make the kitchen a double height space. This allows light to flood in to this important communal area, and it's subsequent offset creates a multitude of outdoor spaces facing the piazza.

The second and third type are contained within an apartment building that follows a co-operative living model, whereby the modules are owned and run by the residents through the commercial spaces. The housing will cater to women seeking shelter, where a shared co-living apartment is assigned. Moreover, there is also a therapeutic aspect of the building with traditional therapy such as counselling, and the third housing type which is a more private studio room.

The therapy links to the 'and' portion of the project, in which I designed a publically accessibile mental health gallery. Given that the project itself aims to help women in need, this building extends this help towards the whole community. Through the implementation of biophillic design elements, and environmental design strategies, a contemplative space is created whereby the user's journey is guided by nature. This is a more abstract, yet research-backed method of naturally improving one's mental health.