We live in an era of unprecedented human migration. Mass migration is both a process and a condition, driven by global capitalism, neo-colonialism, war and imperialism, and environmental destruction. Temporary living, borders, materials and immatieral ones, are proliferating around and between us.

Migrant workers’ journeys are commonly portrayed as linear progressions from home to host nations, but in reality they are replete with physical or mental abuse, occupying spaces of poor live-in requirement. Currently, domestic workers encounter many labour concerns in Hong Kong. One of the most controversial issue is the live-in requirement for them- spaces which are largely invisible to the public. Those spaces are violations of human dignity, exposed to dire working conditions. By investigating the public space in Hong Kong, like Central which provides social resilience for foreign domestic workers, we will understand how a city response to migrant workers by interacting with them within this society

In these pages, you will find an incomplete view into the world of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, explored at scale descending from physical landscape to the human body.