About me:

My name is Shadath Chowdhury and I am a part II graduate from Manchester School of Architecture. I am passionate about sustainable, user centred architecture in order to create places that enhances peoples lives. I enjoy large scale urban planning projects and adaptive reuse where I can design at a more intimate scale. I am interested in design research and translating theory to practice. 

The link to my website will showcase more of my work.

Re-imaging Shrewsbury:

The thesis creates a masterplan for the new town of Shrewsbury that incorporates the urban spatial qualities of the old town. It aims to implement long term resilience, through the distinct approach of allowing interior & exterior spaces to embrace inevitable flooding. The playful relationship between people and water is explored, in order to question how the site strategy and programme may adapt in the future. 

The proposal strives towards a new way of living, looking at the notion of collective ownership to cultivate shared spaces that foster social bonding among people of varying classes, generations and backgrounds. It creates a sustainable paradigm for future developments in order to respond to climate change.