My project is inspired by the sinister and surreal play „Pomona“ by Alistair McDowall. The play is set on Pomona Island in Manchester, and the atmosphere on the island was described as dystopic and isolated. These gave the guidelines for my project. Every part of this project refers back to the play. The main feature is a black theatre tower where the stage is movable using a lift mechanism. The actors will access the stage from underground and raise to the ground or first floor. This will create a dramatic entrance effect and give actors more flexible space to perform. The final structure is in a direct dialogue between landscape, architectural narrative and technology. The facade is made out of black plastic sheets. This created a unique floating like finish which is in great contrast with the rigid timber core. The structure is a connection between the performances and the landscape, with plenty of natural light seeping into its interior through arched windows creating a natural spotlight effect. The light is directing the view of the audience to the landscape as well as performance.