As a designer, my belief is that the power our profession holds to shape people’s lives should be used responsibly and positively. Thus, every new project should be an improvement of what was there before it, using creativity and innovation to build a more harmonious future. I also consider that before being designers, we are humans and citizens and that we should use our experiences to better understand and enrich our work.

This project explores how housing can support different kinds of people living well together. My aim was to generate a design solution that works for both the client and the com­munity whilst addressing differences of ability, identity and power between people.

 Believing that a successful residential development is one that is cared for and loved by its residents, I have tried to use the space they share to shape the way they meet and relate to their neighbours. Inspired by Bernard Tschumi’s theories, the shared outdoor spaces are populated with basic modular structures to be spontaneously colonized by the community. These structures are also featured in the design of the apartment blocks, giving the projects a strong visual identity.