By addressing the issue of the rapid increase of urbanization, Adamantem Tower attempts to reconnect the residents of Manchester with nature through its unique characteristic of interior gardens spreading green elements throughout the 200 meters skyscraper.

Inspired by the art of origami, this building is composed oftriangular steel framed glass and aluminum panels, creating a unique diamond-like appearance with strong durability for the northwestern climate, inviting visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the different facilities the building provides. The transparent glass panels not only offer pleasant city views of Manchester, but also expose the various activities that take place inside the building. The interior of the building is decorated with timber floors, making the spaces warmer and more welcoming, while the diamond shaped frames on the glass panels form a dynamic pattern with the shadows resulting in an aesthetically entertaining visual effect. One of the most unique aspects of this skyscraper is the various voids that accommodate interior balconies which overlook green spaces in order to enhance the natural elements in the internal spaces. On the east side of the building, the first three floors are dedicated to a small, public shopping centre which has a clear distinction from the rest of the skyscraper. Users can enter the rest of the facilities of the skyscraper by the main entrance that is located in the west side, where they will find themselves in an open, light-filled lobby defined by the reception and two dominant concrete cores that lead to the upper floors. Moving up through the lobby, users find themselves in the west side of the 1st floor, where the space is dedicated to the display of art and the addition of stairs and the garden atrium on the 4th level offer a clear circulation up to the 6th floor. Furthermore, the building contains a restaurant as well as a café/bar section that serve wide, open views throughout the city, day or night. The main function of the building is the office spaces it accommodates with the garden voids creating relations among the different floors. The last two floors operate as a viewing platform with the dramatic shapes of the panels offering a unique way of experiencing the viewing of Manchester.