How can we design to reshape the way we say farewell to the departed?

I would like to challenge the normal funeral ceremony and the way people faces death and grief. As an architectural student, I have designed a series of spaces for family and friends to participate, that is a more lightening and humorous ceremony and can be revisited any time when they wanted to. In the original plan, this experience is supposed to be carefully curated with VR and real-life objects and experienced as Argumented Reality. Due to COVID19, the alternative is participating the VR experience through manual, and video is available to demonstrate the former typical experiences.

The designed spaces are definitely not to ape a funeral in a digital environment but explore the possibility of digital to create the beautifully effected experiences of remembrance and mourning.

Within this experience, you would visit the museum of Candice, you may know more about me in everyday life and being an architectural student; confide in a letter writing church, or stay in a series of spaces for contemplation, you would even play in the maze of childhood remembrance. Yes, this is not a normal funeral. You are allowed to have fun and to be happy here.