Gipton Planning Concept

The combination of a vibrant mix of uses, superior urban design planning, outstanding architecture and development, and cutting-edge sustainable design will create the new community of Gipton. This dynamic community will be an engine of economic growth on local, city scales and will be recognized as a region-class destination and superior model of smart green urban design.

The following measures will be undertaken as part of the base scenario to fulfill the vision:

·  A mixed-use Master Plan for a vibrant, urban project that promotes live, work, play, shop,  learn balance, a   strong sense of community and pride of place.

·  A unifying grid that connects residents and visitors internally and externally.

·  An efficient public transportation system that covers the site area and connects to Harehills, Seacroft and Osmondthorpe to the city centre.

·  Creation of Retail Destination to promote an active street life, a critical mass of customers to support retail and local shopping opportunities for residents.

·  Creation of a Variety of Housing Types, Quality and Sizes for residential choice.

·  Density of development brings sustainability benefits in terms of energy efficiency and encourage a healthy lifestyle of walking and cycling.

·  Contemporary, forward-looking architecture and proper-scaled design as an architectural manifestation of community spirit.