This project is based on the island of Pomona, located in the city of Manchester, UK. This land, that it is now deserted and covered with overgrowing vegetation, used to be an industrial dockland, the most important port in the UK after the one in Liverpool.

The main idea for the proposed scheme is to emphasize the contrast between the now overgrowing island and the past empty and industrial dockland, by creating a memorial park that highlights the industrial archeology still present on site with the use of spacial interventions.

The interventions on site are strategically placed on the footprints of the old industrial heritage or they are the remains themselves painted in bright red. Each spacial intervention has its own story, creative drivers and design strategy. They are all connected through a path that takes people on a journey into the industrial past of the island starting from the main building: the warehouse.

The warehouse is the main means of attraction for people because of its multipurpose programme. The building is designed to host different activities and events. It is comprised of a gallery space, a night venue, an outside events area and of various sizes rooms that can accommodate smaller gatherings.