Urbanism is complex, conflictive and multi-disciplinary. The client is multiple, control is partial, the program indeterminate and there is no state of completion. The primary aim of this atelier is to prepare students to understand and to successfully participate and intervene in this process of urban design. In combination with design tutorials, focused specialist workshops target specific skills and knowledge, including ‘Density, Layout and Typology’, ‘Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods’, ‘Environmental Design & Performance’, ‘Landscape & Public Space Design’, ‘Theory’, ‘Walking as an Urban Design Tool’, ‘Financial Feasibility’ and a ‘Masterplanning Masterclass’.

Atelier Staff

Dr Lucy Montague
Dr Lucy Montague Senior Lecturer View profile
David Rudlin
David Rudlin Tutor
Joren Heise
Joren Heise Tutor
Vicky Payne
Vicky Payne Tutor
Helen Berg
Helen Berg Tutor
Marianne Heaslip
Marianne Heaslip Tutor
Helen Grimshaw
Helen Grimshaw Tutor
Lorenza Casini
Lorenza Casini Tutor