Why did you choose to study Landscape Architecture with MSA?

My studies in Landscape Architecture at Manchester School of Architecture came about at a transitional point in my career. I had worked as a Community Artist and Lecturer within the field of Art and Design for twelve years. My undergraduate degree was in Fine Art Sculpture. My work often addressed the connections between people and places, pairing this with my love of the environment I was excited to find a creative and engaging taught post graduate course that would enable me to explore these avenues further.

How did your tutors support you during your studies?

Having already started a family, going back to University was a daunting prospect. With this in mind, I found the staff at the university both nurturing and flexible in their approach. My family remained a priority throughout my studies. Thanks to the support I received I was able to achieve my full potential, graduating from the Master of Landscape Architecture with distinction.

How has the course prepared you to work as a Landscape Architect?

The MLA at Manchester Metropolitan University is accredited by the Landscape institute, this made me feel secure that material we were being taught was relevant to current cultural, social and environmental demands. The presence of external professionals from a variety of Landscape practices was strong and enriched the course. We continually received advice and guidance from varied practitioners and were able to build strong links to industry during our studies, which has meant that upon leaving I feel I have a network of support that I can still call upon.

Are there any specific experiences that you think will be helpful?

The seminar series were extremely valuable. Speakers from around the world and from different backgrounds provided a broad but personal insight into current issues that we face globally, preparing me for the future direction of the profession in terms of climate change mitigation and resilience, and how we contribute to the realisation of greener and more sustainable ways of life.

What advice would you give to people considering studying this course?

Training as a Landscape Architect is both exhausting and exhilarating! If you want to be stretched and challenged this is the definitely the career for you. The industry relies on a diverse mix of individuals and as far as my experience goes these differences are always celebrated.

Any other thoughts on the course?

Teamwork and effective communication were key throughout the course. The staff worked tirelessly to provide scenarios that promoted positive interaction with the landscape and with one another. Much of the learning was embedded within live briefs, which was challenging but very effective in terms of consolidating my understanding of some of the complex relationships that landscape addresses.

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