Hello, my name is Yasser Algazlan, and I'm from Saudi Arabia. Before joining MSA, I worked for almost 3 years in two different companies. These 3 years have helped me accumulate invaluable experience and knowledge.

During my studies at MSA, I participated in studio work across three stages: A, B, and C, all centered around Dordrecht in the Netherlands. In Studio A, we began by collecting data about the city and identifying its issues, laying the foundation for our individual projects in Studios B and C.

The primary focus of my project was to establish a connection between the city center and the nature preserve area, offering users diverse experiences and an opportunity to delve into the city's history, culture, social life, and wildlife. Studio B concentrated on developing and designing the route, while Studio C's role was to create a delightful conclusion to the journey.

In Studio C, I presented a research and educational center designed to provide visitors with enriching experiences about the city's wildlife. Additionally, this center aims to contribute to global efforts to combat climate change and protect wildlife through research studies.