From an Eco-cultural corridor to mobility hub

MANIFESTO: How to use a series of public facilities to create a culture corridor connecting the local green and blue infrastructure while enhancing public participation?

MASTER PLAN: An eco-cultural corridor

Creating a Mobius cycling & pedestrian fast track enhances accessibility and creates a series of corridors including 1-eco corridor (open pitch slope + water plaza) 2-health care corridor (sports park & facilities) 3-leisure corridor (retail + food + drink) 4-cultural corridor (library, theatre, urban farm, etc.)

RESOLUTION: An eco-cultural mobility hub

I chose the entrance of the corridor as my site which reaches the river and sits beside the highway to welcome the guests. it's the peak of the studio B masterplan and is planned to be built as an icon of the corridor. The design focuses on 1-transportation between junctions & stops (cycling, pedestrian, bus, water bus, car, etc.) 2-the user experience and their journey such as public arrival, check-in, and leaving need to be considered on a human scale.