Earth Wind and Glass - Adobe Wonderland

Driven by a more empirical framing of the Biennale theme "laboratory of the future" this project looked to interrogate Earthen materials as contemporary construction solutions, in addition to creating a commercial development and research centre for them.Further, I investigated the feasibility of such a scheme being situated adjacent to Manchester Airport, from infrastructural considerations to the geological composition of the site itself. 

A core material concept that acts as a programmatic driver for the proposal is the use of recycled materials in conjunction to excavated earth - primarily the usage of crushed waste glass (cullet) in place of sand. The programme as a result centes around the refinement of this cheap niche material that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Ultimately, I wanted the proposal to work as a signpost of earth material development, showcasing the extents of the material. This in conjunction with the aim of industrial efficiency led to a natural progression of systems and machines, with the architecture taking on a more utilitarian feel, taking advantage of core physical principles where possible. 

But machines aren't the only inhabitants of this campus, and that's where a study of Gordon Cullen's Townscapes came into play. The rough progression of the built forms is determined by programme, but by reviewing how individuals move through the site, I could more keenly curate the moments inbetween, and explore the resultant adjacencies.