Recentering Nature: A Gallery from the site for the site

The work displayed here all is all centered on my final studio project, it is a project that speaks to the kind of work I would like to go into in the future as it is heavily focussed on design that is sustainable through its resilience and conscious of its impact on the surounding wildlife through considerate landscaping. The site lies in Holt Town, Manchester, my proposal aims to create spaces and views that highlight the impacts of the site’s industrial history on its surrounding natural environment. Navigating the site, there are tailored spaces where views of the outside are restricted to highlight what is lost with the destruction of green spaces, interspersed with openings onto the site that encourage you to interact with it. The form itself is dominated by the rammed earth wall that creates a curving spine through the site and rises and falls, as it comes from the site and returns again to it. With areas encouraged to fall apart in order to create room for habitat formation, it also delineates set regions to be left undisturbed to encourage re-wilding.