The River’s Edge Social Club

In light of the hydro-city theme, the Studio C project seeks to establish a new social club that serves as a bridge connecting the high street and the river. This work aims to highlight the river's presence within the bustling cityscape, fostering a harmonious relationship between the two distinct environments by exploring the question of how can riverside and high streets work together. As a continuation of the concept developed in studio B social club area was selected and the new social club proposed.

The project envisions the social club as a catalyst for unity, drawing people together. Providing a dynamic space equipped with diverse facilities, encourages social interactions among both residents and visitors, ultimately contributing to the well-being of the entire community.

Furthermore, this project holds a commitment to the environment. It integrates river gardens and sustainable construction practices into the site, promoting biodiversity and enhancing flood protection measures. This dual focus on community and the natural surroundings reflects a holistic approach to urban development.

Accordingly the design aims to create a lively and inclusive space where the urban landscape seamlessly merges with the river's serenity. By doing so, it invites individuals to actively engage with their surroundings, appreciating the unique blend of city life and natural beauty. This project proposes a vibrant hub that not only connects physical spaces but also bridges the gap between people and their environment, enriching the urban experience for all.