Digital Bridge/Grandma's Dreamland/AND Bamboo Neighborhood

During the years of the covid, students experienced online classes and those who worked from home, all thanks to the development of the internet and communication technology. However, in an era manipulated by big data, I found my grandmother increasingly closing herself off from society. A group of people called digital refugee has emerged in society. As a person who will experience old age and death and architecture student , I began to think about how to encourage older people to engage more socially and expand their territory.

In studio 2, I designed a mountaintop 'journey' for my grandmother because she likes to climb mountains. However, this may not work in real life, so studio2 was an exercise in creating spaces where I worked through my grandma's needs to create activity spaces for the elderly. I selected three of these spaces and adapted them to the context and applied them to my grandmother's community. At this point, expanding the territory is no longer about going further afield in the physical sense. It is a different experience in a place that is accessible on a daily basis, such as experiencing nature and looking out over the city from a hot spring at the top of a mountain. Another example is the open yoga space among the trees. Another example is the park by the lake, where there is a place to play cards and chess and drink tea, a place. The elderly are witnesses to the times and they are the simplest of people. The internet culture of the smart age is constantly crowding out their territory, erecting a high wall between the elderly and the younger generation.