The Union House: Blueprints of Solidarity

Workers in Cumbria, particularly those in the manufacturing sector, are aware of how the fourth industrial revolution is playing out at work in this situation. They are conscious of the fact that these innovative industrialisation methods instigated by the Capital pose a serious risk for their redundancy and will disrupt established procedures. They had to substantially adapt as a group to these circumstances. A local Cumbrian Trade Union emerged as a result of this.

Recognising that workers must establish a strong organisation in order for their concerns to be addressed. Their jobs must be protected if they are to remain relevant in an employment landscape that is becoming more automated as a result of increased global competition.

The Union House is an imagined architectural project that is driven by workers’ empowerment embracing a labour ecosystem in their collaborations and democratic decision-making. Differentiating from the conventional hierarchical structures this paper mill facility fosters a sense of unity and solidarity among workers while producing union posters for unions, workers, and companies nationally. With workers’ agency prioritisation the

Union House serves as a tangible embodiment of an alternative industrial model. Through its design and operations, it seeks to dismantle the stigma associated with traditional hierarchies and enables interconnectedness, ensuring that the voices and aspirations of workers resonate across the manufacturing landscape.