Preston Cultural Center

The design proposition formed around a scheme aiming to establish a new economy within the city of Preston that would benefit all people in the existing community, bringing them closer and uniting them through their individual interests, as well as stimulating local tourism. The development will be a multi-functional art centre combining all aspects of art: literature, theatre, painting, sculpture, music, cinema. 

The programme is taking into consideration the needs of the area for a cinema and entertainment space that would target all age groups and would also include a theatre, library, workshops for painting, sculpture and pottery, multi-purpose auditorium as well as rehearsal, event and co-working spaces. Experience of the user and engagement with the proposal will be possible through learning, researching, trading, observing and making which will establish a dynamic hub that will bring back to life Preston City Centre. Another aspect of the proposal is to further extend and enhance the existing shopping chain in the context of Market place and High Street. The first step towards change and opening new possibilities for a future revitalization of the abandoned buildings on the site by creating a dynamic space that would serve the community for a long time.

The exterior of the building aims to integrate with the existing built material within Preston City and correspond with its history. The brick façade integrates with the timber structure and interior details of the building to create a combination of modern structure with traditional craftsmanship . The design approach embraces a raw and honest expression of materials, showcasing their inherent qualities and textures.