New Victoria Square

My area of interest starts with the research topic:" How do we understand and translate the layer of histories from the past to adapt to the current site environment ?", with the site located at the old Victorian theatre, Preston. Where the original structure has been turned down, left with only the front facade. Therefore, translating the history between the past and the present is crucial. If a building has lost its social and economic value, how do we translate that into the present to meet market demand and enhance social value? 

Studio 1 shows the possibilities of removing the west facade which has less historical significance but high future site utilisation value. Keeping the original theatre facade allows a strong connection between the south residential area and the main square. Meanwhile, a free travelling space for residents and visitors to enjoy the unique view from the platform.

Studio 2 focuses on the study of the current environment, which provides valuable information about the physical characteristics and conditions of the destroyed site. This information helps identify limitations and opportunities that shape the design and construction process. Additionally, the inclusion of an art gallery in the project provides a public open space for visitors to learn about the theatre's development history and connect with the past.

Studio 3 saw the different material contributes to the visual appeal and overall aesthetics of the theatre and art gallery. Selecting a suitable fabric that complements the local landscape can enhance the building’s appearance and ensure it harmonizes with the surrounding environment. The study of modern materials that could replace the older brickwork will also respond to the research topic of how to transfer that history from the past to adopt the present site environment.