Unleashing The Hidden Current

River of Medlock play a significant role in Mayfield. It shape the urban form and life. The function of the river changes over time but it form remains relatively permanent, becoming an iconic structure and ‘urban artefact’ within Mayfield. This project aim to connect people to the urban artefact. The approach will restores the community's river connection by allowing seamless contact with the river. The river's flow is restored, bringing sustenance, subsistence, and inspiration to the people. 

‘Exploring the Emotive Essence of Suppressed River Flow’ is the manifesto for this project. Delve into the emotional and experiential aspects of a suppressed river’s flow by investigate the subtle characteristics of the flow to better comprehend the significant effects it may have on our senses and emotions.
This project offers a mix program that focusing on observing,Learning and Investigating. Starting at the  gallery and learning spaces, visitors will grab knowledge and where they will experience the Emotive Essence of suppressed river at the first floor. The journeycontinue  by exploring the Hidden Current in Medlock plaza (Floodplain). 

Main gallery space will exhibit the history of Medlock .There will be also an exhibition and event space that can be used for a variety of purposes by different groups. All of the profit made will go towards funding the research of the river. 

 A collaboration with RiverLabs will provide a good Laboratory technologies and expertise to the building as the first focused river laboratory in Manchester. Water sample taken from the river will be transfered to the laboratory to do water quality analysis,ecological assessment and water flow and hydrodynamics.