The Hidden Garden

The concept of the new guild was established through site analysis and brief, to improve but also reflect on the history of Preston and its Guild throughout the years. The design proposal was to create a new guild but one of which that is inclusive, a space for crafters of different specialties and a space for both the old and new generation to learn. I have developed a proposal that will encourage crafters of different specialties and age ranges to come together a create. The programme of the Hidden Garden consists of multiple workshops, antique and furniture restoration, furniture creation and terracotta/tiles workshop. The design strategy, makes it a social and engaging environment, bringing together the growing community of crafters and innovators.

Through the entire design proposal the principles of my atelier CiA has been influential, and this is evident from the beginning of the proposal to the resolved design. The concept of continuity in architecture goes beyond maintaining a visual uniformity and involves designing spaces that have a seamless flow and are highly functional. It entails creating buildings that are in tune with their surroundings, promote social connections, and are enduring in their design.

Through a series of images we explore the Hidden Garden Guild in a day in the life, through the eyes of both a visitor and a crafter.