Bradford on Sea ///// The Eco-Deconstructivist Design Handbook

As an architectural master’s student who has fully embraced the Some Kind of Nature atelier and its ideologies, my approach to design revolves around a low-tech philosophy that embraces natural and traditional practices. I am deeply committed to retrofitting current poorly performing building stock, aiming to have the lightest touch on the natural ecology while improving the overall performance of structures. This approach acknowledges the importance of sustainable design and aims to create harmonious environments that coexist with nature.

In my architectural journey, I place a strong emphasis on natural materiality. I believe that the use of locally sourced and renewable materials not only reduces the carbon footprint but also creates a sense of connection between the built environment and the surrounding landscape. Incorporating elements such as timber, stone, and earth into my designs not only adds beauty but also promotes a healthier living environment for both humans and non-human species.

Furthermore, my studies have fostered a growing interest in challenging the current flawed planning policies that strip our urban environments of community, both for humans and non-humans. I am deeply concerned about the loss of green spaces, the lack of social interaction, and the isolation that is prevalent in many urban areas today. I believe that architecture has a crucial role to play in reshaping our cities to prioritize community, sustainability, and the well-being of all inhabitants.

By embracing the Some Kind of Nature atelier and its ideologies, I aspire to create architectural interventions that respect and enhance the natural environment, integrate seamlessly with the existing context, and foster a sense of belonging and connection. Through careful research, analysis, and a collaborative approach, I aim to challenge the status quo and propose alternative solutions that prioritize the needs of communities and the protection of the natural world.

In conclusion, as an architectural master’s student, I have fully embraced the Some Kind of Nature atelier and its low-tech, nature-centric approach to design. With an emphasis on natural materiality, retrofitting existing buildings, and challenging flawed planning policies, I strive to create sustainable and inclusive urban environments that prioritize the well-being of both humans and non-human species.