"Embodied" The Last Vacation

My prolonged engagement in architecture as a student has generated a profound affinity. My grasp of architecture has evolved and grown throughout the years, adopting a thorough and dynamic understanding of this multidimensional field. Architecture goes beyond basic technicalities and prescriptive construction standards, serving as a portal to several transdisciplinary worlds such as psychology, humanities, sociology, and philosophy. For me, architecture represents an endless path of discovery that encompasses all aspects of life and human experiences. As I embark on my future career path, I am excited to continue my learning and discovery within this ever-changing domain of architectural knowledge.

In collaboration with Arif Ismail, our project delves into the concept of the "human demise." We aim to develop a procedure that harnesses the resources and energy generated from a human's passing, while simultaneously exploring an alternative timeline where these resources and energy form the foundation of a new architectural dimension within Cumbria region specifically in Penrith. Through this endeavor, we seek to create innovative building materials and expand the possibilities of constructing structures.

We explored a holistic approach by not solely focusing on the physical infrastructure and operational systems of the premises. It delves deeply into the intricate nuances of human behavior, acknowledging the significance of spatial qualities, lighting, emotions, and cultural backgrounds that are inherently intertwined with the experiences surrounding funerals and death. Moreover, the project is keenly aware of the profound emotions and personal connections associated with funeral rituals and the concept of death. Cultural backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs are thoughtfully integrated into the design and implementation processes. By honoring and respecting diverse cultural perspectives, the project aims to create spaces that resonate with individuals from different backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

By deeply considering these human behavioral aspects and plug it into the designated infrastructure system, the project strives to create an environment that goes beyond mere functionality. It seeks to provide a profound and meaningful experience for individuals navigating the challenging and sensitive moments associated with funerals and the overall concept of death.