//Project Introduction:

//Voxel(def): Three-dimensional analogue of a pixel.

 //Can an entity as small as a voxel be used to analyse and address complex urban issues of inclusivity and sustainability within a city?

//As the client, Manchester City Council identifies the project site at Eastern Gateway as a distressed location and their aim is to make Manchester an attractive place for people to live, work, and visit through urban redevelopment and regeneration. Their ambition is also to be a zero-carbon city by 2038 or earlier.

//Designing at a building scale as a consultant for MCC, this project presents research and results for an inclusive, zero-carbon future that is resilient to frequent redevelopment proposals. Rule-based algorithmic methods are adopted for subtractive and additive adaptive explorations of building form for visual and quantified comparative analysis.

//Thesis Statement:

//Urban redevelopment is a cyclic process that upgrades deprived cities to increase urban prosperity and improve the quality of life. However, an unintended consequence of gentrification, that attracts affluent residents, is the displacement of lower-income local residents. Moreover, alterations and improvements of infrastructure for redevelopment can increase a city’s carbon footprint. 

//Designing at a building level, my thesis explores, how a redevelopment proposal can ensure both Socio-economic Inclusivity & Environmental Sustainability, in the future.

//Design Approach:

//I designed a generative computational tool (ECONOVOX) to be used by architects, developers and urban planners, capable of producing hybrid building proposals that are resilient to future disruptions in order to address socio-economic disparities and the impact on climate change that inevitably accompanies urban redevelopment.

//My design aims to ensure that the new buildings proposed are able to adapt over time to future requirements and are therefore, more resilient than traditional single-program developments, built using conventional construction techniques.