Penetrate Into The Plant

The civilian use of nuclear energy is very common in today's society, ranging from power generation and medical applications to space exploration. However, the general public is not familiar with the use of nuclear energy, and most people still have a fearful perception of it, associating it mainly with atomic bombs and nuclear accidents. In reality, nuclear energy, with its high energy density, is a clean source of power and is likely to be an inevitable trend for the future until better alternatives are found. In fact, nuclear power generation has developed to a point where it can be considered highly safe, and the benefits it brings to British society far outweigh any drawbacks.

However, due to the marginalization of nuclear power generation and a lack of knowledge dissemination, the general public remains unfamiliar with this form of energy that is already deeply integrated into our lives, and even fearful of it. The purpose of this project is to introduce the latest technology in the field of nuclear power generation, specifically "Small Modular Reactors" (SMRs), to the public. SMRs are sustainable, highly efficient to install, and offer high levels of safety and replaceability. The project has chosen Workington in Cumbria, UK, which has a tradition of nuclear energy utilization, to challenge the placement of SMRs in an urban environment. It aims to serve as a window for nuclear energy education and innovation, bringing the public closer to power plants and dispelling their preconceived notions about nuclear energy through educational methods.

Furthermore, the project seeks to integrate the urban environment by exploring additional civilian functions for a nuclear power plant, such as commercial, shopping, and recreational activities, making it the first "new concept" nuclear power station in the UK.